Wen Jing Tang (Evodia & Cinnamon Docoction) Raw Herbs with E jiao 82g x 5 pk 温经汤


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Wen Jing Tang (Evodia & Cinnamon Docoction) Raw Herbs with E jiao 82g x 5 pk 温经汤

品名温经汤 Wen Jing Tang


服用方法:水煎温服, 每日一副, 早晚各煎服一次,饭后半小时服。



Product Name: Evodia & Cinnamon Combination Decoction

Warms the channels and dissipates cold, dispels stasis and nourishes blood, warms the menses, regulates menstruation, dispels cold, warms the channels, nourishes the blood, dispels blood stasis.


How to make the decoction: Method of decoction: Pour the herbal ingredients into a pot or place them in a decoction bag and put them in the pot. Add 800 to 1200 milliliters of water, or enough to cover the herbs by 1-2 centimeters. Bring to a boil over high heat, then simmer over low heat for 30 minutes. Pour out the decoction, add the Ass-hide Gelatin in the soup, cover, and let it steep for 10 minutes.


How to drink: drink them in warm temperature,  twice a day, half an hour after meal. One sachet is good for one day.


Cautions: Do not use an iron pot. You can use a clay pot, ceramic pot, or stainless steel pot for decoction.



FRUCTUS EVODIAE – Wu Zhu Yu/ 吴茱萸 ,

Chinese Angelica  – Dang Gui /当归White peony root – Bai Shao/ 白芍,

Sichuan Lovage – Chuan Xiong/ 川芎

Panax Ginseng – Ren Shen / 人参,

Ramulus Cinnamomi – Gui Zhi / 桂枝

Ass-hide Gelatin – E Jiao / 阿胶,

Peony Bark- Mu Dan Pi / 牡丹皮

Ginger – Sheng Jiang / 生姜,

Rhizoma Pinelliae – Ban Xia/ 半夏

Radix Ophiopogonis – Mai Dong / 麦冬,

Licorice Root – Gan Cao/ 甘草



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