云南白药粉 Yunnan Baiyao Powder, 4g

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云南白药粉 Yunnan Baiyao Powder, 4g



名 称:云南白药粉

品 牌:云南白药

产 地:中国

净 重:4g

功 效:化瘀止血, 活血止痛, 解毒消肿,跌打损伤,瘀血肿痛,吐血,咳血,便血,痔血,崩漏下血,手术出血,疮疡肿毒及软组织挫伤,闭合性骨折,支气管扩张及肺结核咳血,溃疡病出血,以及皮肤感染性疾病



This product is for dispersing blood stasis and hemostasis, acti-vating blood circulation and alleviating pain, detoxification and promoting subsidence of swelling, used in treatment for traumatic injury, stagnated blood and oncotic pain, spitting blood, hemoptysis, hematochezia, hemorrhoid hemorrhage, metrorrhagia and metrostaxia, suppurative infection on body surface and pyogenic inflections, contusion of soft tissue, closed fracture hemoptysis of bronchiectasis and pulmonary tuberculosis, hemorrhage of petic ulcer and infection diseases of skin.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.




Recommended Dose:

As to wounds by knife, bullet or traumatic injury, no matter how severe they have been, the medicine is administered with warm boiled water by the bleeding wounded; the wounded suffer from stagnated blood, swelling and pain and no bleeding wounded take the powder with wine. For patients suffer from diseases of gynecopathy take powder with wine, but for those suffer from menorrhagia, metrorrhagia, take powder with warm boiled water. For initial stage of venenous sore, patient administer a dosage of 0.25g and take another portion of medical powder to mix homogenously with wine which is used to apply on infectious part; For suppurative sore, oral administration is needed only. For slight injury and other internal hemorrhage symptom, powder can be administered orally.

Oral administration: 0.25-0.5g each time, 4 times daily (for children, 2 to 5 years old take ¼ of dosage; 6-12 years old take ½ of dosage). For severe traumatic injury, a pill of insurance pill can be administered at first, as to slight injury no insurance pill will be needed.



Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or in allergic diathesis.

Avoid broad bean, fish, and sour, cold food within one day after administration.

Be sure to clean the wound surface before external use.

Be sure to use the drug under the doctor’s supervision and control when high dosage is needed clinically.

If hypersensitive reaction occurs after administration, quit the drug at once and give anti-hypersensitive therapy depending on the severity of symptoms, and, in the case of external use, first clear away the drug.

Use with caution if you are an athlete.

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